November 28, 2019, to January 31, 2020 

With an impeccable technique, the Equo Variations watercolors were an exhibition created expressly for Specta Gallery. For Eduardo, horses are not just animals. They are beings that have a captivating power and a mystery to seduce whoever approaches them. For this reason, we chose to inaugurate our space with his artwork, because not only do we think it is wonderful work, but we believe that art should be a galloping adventure for the viewer.

Eduardo Ballester Franzoni

Ballester Franzoni

Among his most important acknowledgements we can highlight him as winner of the Premio Nacional de Arte de Pintura en Acuarela en la Ciudad de México (National Art Award for Watercolor Painting in Mexico City), 1996 and 1997, and 3rd in the Bienal Internacional de Acuarela, (International Watercolor Biennial), in 1998; this is addition to being chosen by the Sociedad de Pintores de Acuarela (Society of Watercolor Painters) to represent Mexico abroad on several occasions.

He has exhibited in Slovenia, England, Austria, Mexico, where we can find most of his work in private collections.

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