Ballester Franzoni

Eduardo Ballester Franzoni was born August 1st, 1970, in Xalapa. His taste for painting began at the age of four, an activity that he carried out as a hobby. He began to study architecture at the UNAM, but dropped out almost at the end. He considers himself an itinerant painter due to having lived in different countries, which has enriched his way of painting and has made him grow. His works speak and express themselves, letting us know that we are in front of true art.
We can define his work by means of fragments, which unite the individual compositions telling a story in which the empty spaces are complemented by our own imagination.

Making paintings from several pieces offers the possibility of altering the dynamics of the presentation, which results in more movement and rhythm playing with depth..

He connects these fragments with each other through a barely visible thread, descending from one side to the other linking the composition according to the artist's vision.

Among his most important awards we can highlight him as winner of the Premio Nacional de Arte de Pintura en Acuarela en la Ciudad de México (National Art Award for Watercolor Painting in Mexico City)  1996 and 1997, and Third in the Bienal Internacional de Acuarela (International Watercolor Biennial) in 1998.  He was selected by the Sociedad de Pintores de Acuarela (Society of Watercolor Painters) to represent Mexico abroad on several occasions.

He has exhibited in Slovenia, England, Austria and Mexico, where we can find most of his work in private collections.

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