Jorge Sahagún Born in the heart of Mexico City in 1977, he had, from childhood, the support of his family for art and at the same time the teaching that whatever he did, he should do with rigor and discipline in order to always achieve the best results. This particular combination turned him into a meticulous artist who learns his craft from the basics to master the technique and have absolute control in his works.  An audio engineer by profession, Jorge Sahagún gradually detached himself from the world of advertising, film and television in which he worked for almost two decades, to allow himself to be trapped by his dream of taking photography.

And within this world, he chose to rescue one of the most ancient, difficult to execute and considered the empress of photographic techniques: platinotype.

This process is costly not only because of the materials used, but because each photo is the outcome of hours invested in composing the light, manipulating the negative during exposure and development, and then printing the copy.

Few artists in the world use this technique nowadays, so in order to execute it in Mexico Jorge has had to set up a special laboratory and build part of his equipment.

It requires a mastery in workmanship to appreciate the details of each photo, the range of blacks and whites that is obtained with this technique, the sharpness of the palladium print and the sensitivity of this artist to capture the instant.

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